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    If You Are Going To A Music Festival In 2019, You Have To Read This.

    If You Are Going To A Music Festival In 2019, You Have To Read This.


    Going to a music festival unprepared is like walking into a restaurant without your wallet. Festivals can be a wonderful experience but before you do things like buying a ticket, making travel plans with all your friends, and buying out half a liquor store, there are some important things to bring.

    1. Hat and sunglasses

    You are going to be out in the sun for a ton of time, especially at festivals like Coachella. For this reason you are going to want to have something to keep that shade on your head and eyes even when there is none.

    Recommendation: You can’t go wrong with the classic Ray Ban Wayfarers, also check out ZeroUV on Amazon for some inexpensive alternatives.  

    2. Portable phone charger

    Get a portable phone case which charges your phone. Or at the least get a car adapter for your charger so you aren’t running out of power when you inevitably lose your friends.

    Recommendation: Check out the Mophie phone cases or Anker PowerCore 

    3. Hydration Backpack


    You’re going to want to have something to hold water, or you may not make it past day 1 at the festival. Your options are either a water bottle or a hydration backpack. If you don’t want to be stuck with a bottle in your hand we recommend the latter.

    Recommendation: If you want to be different than your typical hiker friends, check out shopthrillseeker.com for an assortment of festival-themed bags.


    4. Bucket-loads of alcohol

    What kind of chump spends $12 for a 12oz beer. The kind that doesn’t plan ahead. That’s why before you hit the festival make sure you go to the liquor store and stock up.

    Recommendation: Fireball is basically a go-to when chaser isn’t always readily available. Hard alcohol is definitely the move, as you want to be able to pound a few shots for the parking lot pregame.


    5. Earplugs

    However you had that ringing in your ears after a long concert. That is a telltale sign that the level of sound is damaging your ears. If you’re interested in protecting your hearing in the long run I might recommend investing in some earplugs. However, contrary to popular belief you can get some quality ones for only $12 bucks or so.

    Recommendation: Check out these from yourbestdigs.com for some which are barely visible and very affordable.


    6. Baby Wipes

    Besides the obvious soap, deodorant and toothbrush you’ll want to bring; Baby Wipes can come in a lot of handy from the multitudes of things that get you dirty at festivals. The people you are dancing with will thank you for being clean.

    Recommendation: Although the brand is kind of irrelevant try the unscented Baby Wipes from Target or a brand like Pampers. 


    7. GoPro

    You are going to want to bring something to get some videos at your favorite sets. However, nothing is quite like the experience that you can capture when you have one of these guys.

    Recommendation: Get one of the Hero GoPros, or just have your friend bring one.


    8. Sleeping bag/blankets

    Obviously depending if you are staying over night for multiple days at the festival, you are going to want to bring some gear to sleep in. Also a pillow might be a good idea as well as other extra clothes to keep you warm at night.

    Recommendation: Basically any sleeping bag by Coleman should do the trick.


    9. Coconut Water

    This stuff is literally so refreshing and works great for hangovers. The only downside is that it can be pricy, but is very nice to drink on day 3 when you need something to get you back in the groove.

    Recommendation: I would definitely recommend either Zico or Harmless Coconut Water for great refreshing taste.


    10. Energy Bars

    Although you want to bring tons of food and snacks in general, one specific recommendation that may just save your life is the simple granola or snack bar. Depending on the event, food can be a pain to access so it’s always wise to keep a few of these packed in your pockets.  

    Recommendation: Nature Valley bars or Cliff bars are must haves.




    All about EDC Vegas | Read Before Going

    All about EDC Vegas | Read Before Going

    As the largest music festival outside of Europe, EDC is definitely a festival to see. With locations in California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Puerto Rico and even in Mexico, the UK, Brazil and Japan.


    The festival first started in the early 90s taking place in the LA area at The Shrine before moving to the LA Memorial Coliseum.


    This post will be focusing on one very lit version of the festival, that is the one that takes place in Nevada dubbed “EDC Vegas.”


    EDC Vegas happens in June from the 17th to the 19th at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


    The event typically lasts three days with some of the biggest names showing up at the festival’s “Kinetic Ground.” For example in 2014, Kinetic field featured Bassjackers, Borgore, Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell, Steve Angello, Laidback Luke, Cedric Gervais and Laidback Luke, and that was JUST THE FIRST DAY ON ONE OF THE EIGHT STAGES.


    In 2014 on the second day, EDC Vegas hosted the likes of Martin Garrix, Alesso, Tiesto, Kaskade, Krewella, DJ Snake, and Gareth Emery. On that same Saturday June 21st day in 2014 on the Circuit Grounds stage there were Artists such as Dada Life, Bingo Players, AVICII, Cazzette, Firebeatz and more.


    One of the great bonuses of the event being held in Las Vegas is the sheer number of hotel accomodations and things to do before (and after) the festival hours. Just finished watching a Tiesto set? No worries, feel free to journey back to the upscale chic/modern rooms of the Aria resort.


    Alternatively before EDC Vegas even starts (typically around 4pm or so), you can party with some of the same DJs in the WET Republic pool party at the MGM Grand!



    As EDC sells out every year it’s best to buy as early as possible, which is typically best achieved by staying on the Official Insomniac mailing list as these can be announced before the general announcement.


    Additonally Insomniac offers something called the layaway plan in which you could pay on a payment plan spreading your payments out on up to 5 equal payments months before the event.


    3-day passes for the event cost around $300 and there is also the price of hotel and transportation to the festival to consider.


    Also another tip is to book your hotel early since prices will only rise higher as the always packed event approaches.


    What Happens at Tomorrowland? | All About Tomorrowland

    What Happens at Tomorrowland? | All About Tomorrowland

    For anyone interested in EDM/ the festival scene and just having the party of your life in general, Tomorrowland is the festival to know.


    As one of the biggest and most notable music festivals in the world, it never ceases to amaze every year in the final weekend of July.

    Imagine all your friends gathering together to party with the likes of Djs such as Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Skrillex, Avicii, Paul van Dyk Martin Solveig, David Guetta, Nervo, Hardwell, Swedish House Mafia, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Carl Cox, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.


    Now add the fact that you’ve traveled to Belgium, with beautiful blue skys, awe-inspiring fields and the love of music in the air.


    But this isn’t only a party with the best DJs, but with almost 350,000 PLUR fans from over 75 countries around the world.

     Photocredit to sergejf https://www.flickr.com/photos/sergejf/23168639786/in/photolist-BikkqE-Ao7oKs-Ao6Tu3-Ao77JE-BkDdeM-ATv7Ho-ATvaRC-AoeJRe-Aoeu3g-AoeMm4-ATvrZQ-BkDukK-ATvy8S-AM8gwp-Biku1q-Ao76xw-ATvmuS-Ao7fgU-AM8xDp-ATvAGE-Bikz3Q-r1NNMt-of7D8i-KWL3eC-LQUQiq-LLUTR6-KWKYCE-LsrHd3-JwVtFy-JwVpcy-KmxreH-Kmxpv2-K3kgrY-JwVhNw-KqAhJ1-KtpU8R-Kj4pbJ-JwZZWV-KtpPkK-KtpMNM-KqAarf-KqA8ab-Kj4b65-JwZQPM-Kmx32v-JwV2Bj-JwZJ7i-KtpEj8-Kj43Cj-JwUUmh - Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


    In 2013 in less than 45 minutes the last 100,000 tickets for the event were sold out to the general public after an exclusive presale for Belgians.


    With 2,000,000 on the waiting list.




    Let that sink in, imagine 2 million people wanting to go to your favorite concert but being denied because all the tickets were sold.


    For Tomorrowland, this is a REALITY.

    Ever since 2009 the theme of Tomorrowland changes each year. In 2015 festivalgoers were welcomed to the Secret Kingdom of Melodia.


    For Tomorrowland’s 10th anniversary, Hans Zimmer, the composer for movies like The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean and Inception wrote his own Tomorrowland Hymn.


    Tomorrowland isn’t the only event though, the American version “TomorrowWorld” takes place in Georgia in September.


    Additionally, a Tomorrowland took place in Brasil in 2015 in the third week of April.




    4 Tips for Ultra Music Fesival 2020 Edition | Read Before You Go

    4 Tips for Ultra Music Fesival 2020 Edition | Read Before You Go

    Each year in March, Miami can be seen and heard for miles, with the blaring lights and booming bass of
    Ultra Music Festival.  

    The festival is located in Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, and much like the prestigious reputation of Tomorrowland, Ultra brings some of the biggest names in EDM. With lineups featuring the top dogs of EDM, combined with Miami’s legendary party scene, Ultra rightfully earns its status as one of the world’s biggest ragers.

    Since Ultra added a third day to the festival weekend in 2011, they’ve sold out faster and faster each year. Today, they sell out within the first few minutes.  With this momentum in ticket sales, the lineup only continues to improve with time, as 2016 brought us huge names like Armin Van Buuren, Avicii, Carl Cox, Hardwell, Kaskade, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, and Zedd. All in one weekend.

    Ultra Miami 2017 will be taking place on March 24-26, but you can also find the Festival in a few other cities, now that they’ve expanded to new locations (Chile, various European countries, South Africa, Japan, Brazil, and Korea).

    Named after the classic 1997 album by Depeche Mode, Ultra has been dominating spring break since 1999, and has quickly become a bucket list festival for many.


    What you need to know before you go:

  • 1. Plan your week the right way
  • Ultra Miami has established “Miami Music Week” over the past few years, full of cheap and free shows throughout the city. Chances are, your favorite DJs will probably play at some point in the week, even if they’re not on the Ultra lineup. Let’s be real- everyone is in Miami this week.

    Our pro tip: follow your favorite DJs on Twitter for location updates, or research the massive event lists online. If it’s a free set, get there early- especially if it’s a block party. Cheap crowds are competitive crowds.

    2. Know the crowd

    Ultra has a reputation for being a male-dominated festival, so be prepared. Although there are no accurate statistics on its population, due to the popular resell market, many Ultra attendees have estimated a two-to-one ratio. There are a lot of dudes.

    Our takeaway: girls, you might want to prepare some emergency safety precautions, as the occasional dangerous incident has been known to happen. And guys, brush up on your pick-up approaches. You’ll have a ton of competition.

    3. Master the re-sell market

    People buy and sell festival tickets all the time; it’s the natural downside of high demand for the limited ticket supply. With that being said, don’t let yourself get scammed. Ultra, like most festivals, has no mercy for the many victims of ticket fraud. Each year, people shell out hundreds of dollars, just to get turned away.

    You can prevent this from happening to you by demanding “proof of purchase”, which can be a receipt, order number, confirmation email, etc. If you’re worried about your ticket being a duplicate, show up early, to prevent someone getting in before you with the same ticket number. Do a background check on your seller, and ask them why they aren’t using the ticket themselves. Be smart about this purchase.

    4. Cut your costs

    Low cost hospitality is easier than ever with AirBnB and various Miami hostels. This goes without saying, but the bigger the group, the lower the cost per person- and you might make some great friends while doing so!

    For meals, take nutritional shake packets or protein bars with you to the venue, to avoid waiting in long lines for overpriced meals (when you could be at a stage, dancing).

    Oh- and for water, avoid all the overpriced bottles, and invest into a hydration backpack. (insert emoji lol)

    We hope you all enjoy these tips! If you have any that we missed, feel free to add them into our comment section. Let us know if you plan on hitting up Ultra this year!