If You Are Going To A Music Festival In 2017, You Have To Read This.


Going to a music festival unprepared is like walking into a restaurant without your wallet. Festivals can be a wonderful experience but before you do things like buying a ticket, making travel plans with all your friends, and buying out half a liquor store, there are some important things to bring.

1. Hat and sunglasses

You are going to be out in the sun for a ton of time, especially at festivals like Coachella. For this reason you are going to want to have something to keep that shade on your head and eyes even when there is none.

Recommendation: You can’t go wrong with the classic Ray Ban Wayfarers, also check out ZeroUV on Amazon for some inexpensive alternatives.  

2. Portable phone charger

Get a portable phone case which charges your phone. Or at the least get a car adapter for your charger so you aren’t running out of power when you inevitably lose your friends.

Recommendation: Check out the Mophie phone cases or Anker PowerCore 

3. Hydration Backpack


You’re going to want to have something to hold water, or you may not make it past day 1 at the festival. Your options are either a water bottle or a hydration backpack. If you don’t want to be stuck with a bottle in your hand we recommend the latter.

Recommendation: If you want to be different than your typical hiker friends, check out shopthrillseeker.com for an assortment of festival-themed bags.


4. Bucket-loads of alcohol

What kind of chump spends $12 for a 12oz beer. The kind that doesn’t plan ahead. That’s why before you hit the festival make sure you go to the liquor store and stock up.

Recommendation: Fireball is basically a go-to when chaser isn’t always readily available. Hard alcohol is definitely the move, as you want to be able to pound a few shots for the parking lot pregame.


5. Earplugs

However you had that ringing in your ears after a long concert. That is a telltale sign that the level of sound is damaging your ears. If you’re interested in protecting your hearing in the long run I might recommend investing in some earplugs. However, contrary to popular belief you can get some quality ones for only $12 bucks or so.

Recommendation: Check out these from yourbestdigs.com for some which are barely visible and very affordable.


6. Baby Wipes

Besides the obvious soap, deodorant and toothbrush you’ll want to bring; Baby Wipes can come in a lot of handy from the multitudes of things that get you dirty at festivals. The people you are dancing with will thank you for being clean.

Recommendation: Although the brand is kind of irrelevant try the unscented Baby Wipes from Target or a brand like Pampers. 


7. GoPro

You are going to want to bring something to get some videos at your favorite sets. However, nothing is quite like the experience that you can capture when you have one of these guys.

Recommendation: Get one of the Hero GoPros, or just have your friend bring one.


8. Sleeping bag/blankets

Obviously depending if you are staying over night for multiple days at the festival, you are going to want to bring some gear to sleep in. Also a pillow might be a good idea as well as other extra clothes to keep you warm at night.

Recommendation: Basically any sleeping bag by Coleman should do the trick.


9. Coconut Water

This stuff is literally so refreshing and works great for hangovers. The only downside is that it can be pricy, but is very nice to drink on day 3 when you need something to get you back in the groove.

Recommendation: I would definitely recommend either Zico or Harmless Coconut Water for great refreshing taste.


10. Energy Bars

Although you want to bring tons of food and snacks in general, one specific recommendation that may just save your life is the simple granola or snack bar. Depending on the event, food can be a pain to access so it’s always wise to keep a few of these packed in your pockets.  

Recommendation: Nature Valley bars or Cliff bars are must haves.