About Us

Our mission is simple- we design expressive hydropacks to boost your adventures and revamp the view.

When you walk down the street, you typically don’t see a bunch of people with big smiles absolutely stoked to go out and live life. However, at Thrillseeker that’s the kind of lifestyle we want to inspire.

 Thrillseeker was created with the belief that there is an inner Thrillseeker in everyone. We are not only a creator of Hydration backpacks, but a supporter of more full, adventurous and ultimately fulfilling lives everywhere.

 We are the dreamers, doers, and adrenaline-junkies who are willing to push their comfort zone to explore the unexplored, to see the unseen and experience that which has never been experienced.

 Pushing the envelope of what is possible, we are a lifestyle brand that wishes to provide those seeking to live a life worthy of fantasy, the tools needed to do so.

 With that, we hope you enjoy your Thrillseeker backpack, and allow it to inspire you to take the next steps in the adventure that is your life.

.     .     .

       Based in Southern California, Thrillseeker takes pride in designing the most cutting edge hydration backpacks for every like-minded adventurer. With each backpack design, we provide adventurers with reliable hydration, convenience, and a killer view. 

       A Thrillseeker is anyone passionate about life experiences.

       We’re characterized by a craving for adventure, and a spark for sharing it. In a world full of action sports, music festivals, and outdoor exploration, we noticed a need for replenishing our bodies in a more convenient way- and we decided to have some fun with our solution.  

.     .     .

We are happy to announce that Thrillseeker successfully raised over $5,400 in its Kickstarter Campaign.